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Funeral Services

Our team of expert funeral directors are available 24 hrs a day to listen to your queries and to offer our advice on Funeral services, pre- arranged and pre paid funerals, memorial masonry, floral tributes etc.

Funeral Plans.

Having a funeral plan is a secure and cost-effective way of making sure everything is planned and paid for in advance, all at today’s prices. Our funeral planning services can make things easier for you, while supporting your family at what will be a distressing time for them. We can take the stress out of making detailed arrangements and can take care of things you would rather not leave up to your loved ones to manage.

Planning Your Funeral Arrangements

Our services are divided into a variety of plan options that match your own budget and preferences. With changing times may come changing wishes – our plans allow you to come back and alter or add to any arrangements you have made, at no extra charge.

Avoid Rising Funeral Costs

It’s highly recommended to put funeral plans in place at the earliest opportunity to financially make the most of current prices. Let your family have the reassurance that your wishes are being carried out, with no financial burdens.


Our fleet of limousines and hearses are maintained and cared for to ensure the comfort, safety and dignity of those of whom we serve.

For those who prefer the more ‘traditional’ style of funeral, we also offer horse drawn hearses, pulled by either a pair, or a team of Frisian blacks, or Lippizzana whites.

The ‘Whites, or (Greys) are often called for, together with a matching carriage or Landau.

Coffins and Caskets

Offering a wide range of Coffins, Caskets and Urns. Our range of Coffins, Caskets and Urns have been chosen to suit your individual choice and budget, including solid oak.

First of all we have coffins and caskets in veneers, solid woods and English grown willow. In addition we also have a selection of urns in wood, metal and a variety of other materials.

We also have our own pallbearers. However, you may decide that you would prefer members of the family and friends to carry the coffin or casket instead.

Floral Tributes

Floral tributes are very personal and special. We offer and arrange a very special and personal choice of floral tributes, to enable you to personalise your own form of remembrance.

For those who wish to remember their loved ones in the form of a charitable donation, we have an extensive library of charitable institutions who would benefit from a donation in lieu of flowers. Please ask the Funeral Director for your preferred charity

Your funeral director will show you many more examples of styles and colours available. Should you have a special request, such as club colours, themes or specially shaped tributes, please do not hesitate to ask your funeral director.


Quality memorials, at affordable prices.

Memorials are precious, and therefore no two should be the same. At Darwen Funeral Service, we offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service of high quality memorials to your own exact specifications.

Our highly qualified and experienced masons, who are fully trained and accredited by the ‘BRITISH REGISTER OF ACCREDITED MEMORIAL MASONS‘ and who operate and conform with the official standards of the ‘NATIONAL ASCOCIATION OF MEMORIAL MASONS‘, are approved to manufacture and fix memorials in all cemeteries and churchyards.

Our staff will assist you in the design, the wording of your inscription, together with the type, colour and finish of the granite or marble chosen. Once the family is satisfied with the wording of the inscription and design of the memorial, a layout will be drawn up showing you what the memorial will look like.

At this stage, any alterations or amendments may be made, until you are fully satisfied with the final design.

All of our work is guaranteed.