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Our Staff

Our team of expert funeral directors are available 24 hrs a day to listen to your queries and to offer our advice on Funeral services, pre- arranged and pre paid funerals, memorial masonry, floral tributes etc.

Marco Lysiuk


Marco Lysiuk founded the business in 1986. He offers outstanding experience and comprehensive qualifications which make our professional credentials unrivalled in the area. With a Diploma in Funeral Directing, Marco is also a member of the British Institute of Embalmers. Prior to founding Darwen Funeral Service, he was Senior Director a large multi-national chain of Funeral Directors.

Sheila Lysiuk


Sheila joined the company full-time in 1991. She is a qualified funeral director with decades of experience in managing funeral services for clients throughout Darwen and the surrounding region. From planning to bereavement support, Sheila has a deep understanding of every aspect of funeral services. Her expertise and her friendly, approachable qualities epitomise the values and attributes which distinguish Darwen Funeral Services from our competitors.

Gary Hoole


Prior to joining Darwen Funeral Service in 1995, Gary was a Principal Director at a national funeral company. He brings decades of experience and expertise to the management of our services. Gary joined Darwen Funeral Service because he believes in the value of a responsive, attentive and customer-focused service as a more personal alternative to the corporate approach which typifies large companies and franchises.

Dave Sharples


Dave is a very experienced professional who has been with Darwen Funeral Service for over ten years. He brings diligence and compassion to his various duties which include assisting on the day of the funeral and overseeing the care of the deceased before they go into rooms of repose.