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Our Facilities

Darwen Funeral Services are renowned for the quality and range of our facilities, which provide the perfect setting to remember and pay tribute to your loved one

Our service chapel and private rooms of repose are beautifully furnished and decorated, with traditional styling, ornamental touches and a warm, welcoming feel. Our reception and consultancy room also provide comfortable, welcoming space for visitors and customers.

Visiting our rooms of repose

Once we’ve taken your loved one into our care, we also provide a choice of four private rooms of repose which enable you, your family and others to visit them in the days leading up to the funeral. These rooms provide a tranquil and secluded setting for those private and personal moments. Our highly experienced team will ensure that your loved one looks peaceful and at rest when you see them.

Many people see these visits as a chance to say a final goodbye and to aid the grieving process, whilst others prefer not to visit prior to the funeral service. The decision about who can visit our rooms of repose is down to the deceased’s family or the person arranging the funeral. Our funeral directors will be happy to speak to you about this in more detail, and our team can offer advice and explain more about what to expect when visiting. They will also support the visiting arrangements and organise the appointments for each person that wants to visit our private rooms of repose.

Some visitors like to take photographs as they view this as an important part of saying goodbye. However, it is important to have the permission of the next of kin, or person organising the funeral, and give careful consideration to what you do with the photos, being respectful to ensure that you do not upset or offend others.

The Blue Room

The Pink Room

The Green Room

The Terracotta Room

Whichever room you choose we will arrange your required adornments such as pictures, cards and flowers.